How To Make It On National TV– Drama Free

It was spring 2009 and I was graduating. Another commencement, aka the start of something new. I needed a way to stand out from the sea of other graduates dawned from head to toe in academic regalia. (We paid 100K some odd dollars for this ensemble—you’re damn right I’m trying to stand out.) I picked up some stick-on letters from Michaels the day before ceremonies to decorate my cap. The plan was to go with the classic, “Hi Mom” but I thought to spruce it up with a little flavor, “Hi Ma.” Anyway, that didn’t happen. As I entered the Dome I carried the letters to stick on just before marching out with the procession. I pulled a friend over to the side to help me attach the stickies. Less than a minute later my creation was complete—the cap read, “Hire me.”

There I am on Nightly News with Brian Williams-- waving the cap.
That’s me on Nightly News with Brian Williams holding up the cap.

Graduating? Get a limited edition ‘Hire Me’ decal here.

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