She’s Gotta Have It: 10 Paintings Inspired By Women & Pop Culture

Well-traveled artist, music exec, and producer, Otha “Vakseen” Davis III, shares with us his love of women, identity, and popular culture in these ten paintings. 

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-She%27s Gotta Have It 48x36%5C%22 %28Oil x Acrylic%29 2014
“She’s Gotta Have It”

I’m invigorated by women, popular culture and the value of self.

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Ribbon In Her Eyes 24x18%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Ribbon In Her Eyes”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Crock Tearz 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Crock Tearz”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Eyes Wide 40x30%5C%22 %28Oil x Acrylic%29 2014
“Eyes Wide”

My paintings deal with the theme of female identity and evolve around society’s idolization of beauty…

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Gaudy Me 48x36%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Gaudy Me”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Lecherous Tastes 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Lecherous Tastes”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Brilliant Dope 21x21%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014-1
“Brilliant Dope”

The enhancements women endure to obtain this level of “perfection”…

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Madam Renaissance 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Madam Renaissance”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Open Virtue 48x36%5C%22 %28Acrylic%2C Pencil%29 2014
“Open Virtue”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Tainted Lusts 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic x Color Pencil%29 2014
“Tainted Lusts”

And the impact this has on the female species. 

If you want to see more from Vakseen; visit his website and tumblr, follow him on twitter, and find him on IG. Oh, and don’t forget Facebook.
Special thanks to Vakseen for sharing.
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