New Music From Thieves & Lovers Will Steal Your Heart [Listen]

SoCal band, Thieves & Lovers, shares with us their latest self-titled EP–enjoy.

Thieves & Lovers hails from sunny southern California, blending driving guitars and sugary melodies to create an ambient sound all their own. –Thieves & Lovers 

If you want to hear more from  Thieves & Lovers, visit their soundcloud, follow on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

Special thanks to Thieves & Lovers for sharing.

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3 thoughts on “New Music From Thieves & Lovers Will Steal Your Heart [Listen]”

  1. Thieves and Lovers is our name copyright in 1989 check out our page on Facebook you must stop using it or our entertainment lawyer will be taking care of this , Owen J Sloane Esq. We are the published radio airplay and magizine group who played all of southern California, and Cabo Wabo for Van Halen….nice to know you and stop using our creative material immediately!

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