We Decided Not To Wait For Anyone To Hire Us To Do The Work We Love

Meet Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese, the husband & wife team and creative geniuses behind Entusiasta Gallery out of Argentina. Their story includes that of love for their craft, caricature, and of course–each other. I’ll let them tell the rest…


“Here is our simple story:
As drawing artists and graphic designers we decided not to wait for anyone to hire us to do the work we love. With more than 10 years of experience we wondered what would happen if the design and communication tools were at the service of our passions: the art of drawing and caricature.
As we couldn’t choose only one graphic way to do things, we concluded that we should make a gallery of projects, allowing us to do anything we could think of under one single identity.
That’s how we created Entusiasta Gallery, where we use all we got to put our ideas out there; where good drawing, painting and caricature have a privileged place together with design and good taste.
Before Entusiasta, our first big project which also encouraged us to seriously work together, was the book “David Pugliese Caricaturas”. We made it just how we liked it, and it got published in Greece by Cartoon Ark.


But our first project with Entusiasta Gallery was creating a web series called “HEROES : illustrated by David Pugliese”.

Chapter 4 of the 1st season, dedicated to Lon Chaney.

For HEROES, we colaborated together with Proyecto Erizo by film director and friend Emanuel Pascual, who is also a graphic humorist.


Now we are making “Entrega Especial” (Special Delivery), a weekly project which offers very special characters for everyone to enjoy.
We have plans to do more posters and books. But what is coming very soon is one of our dreams come true: an Art Toy. Just stay tuned.”
 -Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese
To see more work from Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese, visit www.entusiastagallery.com


Special thanks to Jésica and David for sharing.


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4 thoughts on “We Decided Not To Wait For Anyone To Hire Us To Do The Work We Love”

  1. Their enthusiasm is typical for people who finally understood that their only hope how to achieve happiness is through creative independent work. I wish them lot of success!

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