Fill In The SADLIBS: Exclusive Track Leak [LISTEN]

It’s rare you see one name in the credits for composing, writing, recording, mixing & mastering a project; it’s even rarer to hear all these components done well. SADLIBS is the fourth official album created entirely by Lucid Optics, from playing instruments and writing lyrics to mastering every decibel. The album is centered around a theme of equivalent exchange, or the idea that gaining something means you will lose something else of equal value. In this case, fulfilling the goal of touring took priority over a strenuous personal life. The beats match the bittersweet feel but musicianship is more prevalent than before. Along with recording bass guitar for the first time, Lucid implements more structure and tempo changes blending elements of Hip Hop, Indie, Folk, and Punk.

Below is the first full track leaked off the album:

The tour


 The tour that led up to forging a family, touring again, finishing the album, and starting Inkiscape was a month-long escapade across the US in Knowmadic’s 2-door sedan. Lucid was accompanied by Airospace, Knowmadic, and freelance-photographer Zach Avila. It was booked entirely by themselves and they successfully played over ten shows in six states. They played in taverns and dive bars, formed new friendships, woke up on strange floors, and drove ten hours to do it all over again. With the success of the Drop Everything And Live tour, Optics immediately began booking the next. It would be mostly the same crew on the Day x Day tour, this time joined by Cauzndefx on a similar route in half the time. It was an arduous mission, and most nights after performing were spent driving between 10 and 22 hours to the next city they played.


The shows have been going so well that round 3 is around the corner. All Dreams End / Day x Day II launches 5/29, beginning in San Jose, CA and goes as far as Colorado. If you see gaps in their tour route and want to see them play in your city make sure to contact

5/29 – San Jose, CA @ Kev’s House

5/30 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space

6/5 – Colorado Springs, CO  @ Flux Capacitor

6/7 – Boise, ID @ Tom Grainey’s

6/12 – Los Angeles @ White Oak Cheers

To hear more from Lucid Optics, find him on Facebook, Twitter,YouTubeBandcamp, and Bigcartel.

SADLIBS by Lucid Optics releases 4/20


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