REWIND: Hip-Hop Should Be LIVE. LA Duo ‘YRF’ Proves It.

I could care less about what you’re doing (or say you’re doing) in the studio– hip-hop should be live! LA hip-hop duo YRF took the stage Friday night at Los Globos on Sunset– with a LIVE BAND. Craig (aka BlakP) and Neesin (aka YC) opened up for Chief Wakil with their band at the east side club. The drummer was underage but that didn’t matter– SHE could f*&king play!

Watch a clip of YRF’s performance on <<REWIND and check out the one-on-one (well, 2) Q&A with the artists below.

REWIND: YRF at Los Globos from Swaggerless on Vimeo.


Where are you guys from?

YC: Everywhere
BlakP: All over LA.
YC: Compton
BlakP: Long Beach
YC: Inglewood… I think we lived in every area code haha!

How long have you guys been performing as a duo?

YC: For about 5yrs
BlakP: probably more… Lol

Take us through the mindset of preparing for a set. How do you get ready to take the stage?

YC: Well right before the show starts I’m usually running around making sure everything is set right. Making sure the sound guy is on the same page as us. The DJ is ready etc. Once all that is ready I usually have about 3mins of silence to get into my zone before the cue hits.

BlakP: I like to go over the show in my head after I get a feel for the crowd. Like “what type of vibe are they giving off” so we know how to give them a great show.

Was this your first time performing at Los Globos?

YC: Yes it was. And hopefully not the last.

What was it like opening for Chief Wakil?

YC: Dope! Dude is dope and showed mad love to us.

How would you describe your music?

YC & BlakP: Music inspired by Life, Women and the pursuit of women that live life. Haha

Who are your (musical) influences?

YC & BlakP: Quincey Jones, Dr. Dre, Kanye, Jay-Z, Tribe Called Quest.

BlakP: We draw from all types of music from oldies, 90s HIP-HOP and R&B, grunge bands to 2000 pop!


Do you always perform with a live band?

BlakP: Yup!
YC: Unless the venue can’t support it.

What advice do you have for people who are aspiring rappers/artists/performers?

YC: Get use to hearing the word “NO” and know what you are willing to sacrifice. Don’t sacrifice anything you believe in

Describe YRF in one word:

YC & Blakp: Focused.

…now 3:

YC & BlakP: Ask your girl! Lol

You guys run, jump and dance your asses off. Do you ever run out of energy?!

BlakP: Never ever!
YC: Ever… Ever…

Gummy bears or skittles?

YC: Red Gummy Bears… Duh!
BlakP: Whatever is there… I’m eating lol

Heat or Spurs?

YC & BlakP: Lakers!!!

Where can we find you?

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